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Express Water FAQ's

FAQ Questions

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How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

What Is Meant By Total Dissolved Solids?

What Type Of Mineral Contaminants Are Reduced By R.O.?

What is the Difference Between Faucet-Mount / Pitchers and Reverse Osmosis?

Contaminate comparison chart for Reverse Osmosis to Faucet Mount/Pitchers.

Does R.O. Remove Parasites Such As Bacteria, Cysts Or Cryptosporidium?

What's The Difference Between A CTA And TFM Membrane?

What Happens To The Impurities That Were In The Water?

Isn't Water Wasted Down The Drain With R.O. Systems?

What Is The Ratio Of Wastewater To The Pure Water Produced By A Express Water R.O. Unit?

Can This Water Be Saved And Used?

What Is The Importance Of Water Pressure To An R.O. System?

Will Iron Hurt An R.O.?

Is It Necessary To Change The Filters In The Express Water System Every Six Months?

Is It Necessary To Change The Flow Restrictor when I change the Membrane?

Can Any Other Filters Be Used In A Express Water R.O. System?

Does The R.O. Unit Have To Be Mounted Under The Kitchen Sink?

What Are The Dimensions Of The Express Water R.O. System?

How Far Can A Line Be Run From The R.O. Unit?

Why Not Use Copper Tubing For The Line To The Ice Maker?

How Will I Know The R.O. Is Removing The Dissolved Solids From The Tap Water?

I Have A Water Softener; Doesn't That Treat My Drinking Water?

Will A Water Softener Harm The Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)?

Will An R.O. Soften Water?

What is the light on the faucet for?

What is California Proposition #65?

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