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8 Benefits of Alkaline Water




The 8 Benefits of Alkaline Water

Because the human body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues, water has long been understood to play a pivotal role in our health. A century ago, people were satisfied to drink any type of water, but this is no longer true. With the advent of water filtration systems, there are now several types of water that offer unique health benefits. This entry will discuss just what alkaline water is as well as its unique health advantages. 


What Is Alkaline Water?

The major difference between alkaline water and other types of water concerns pH levels. The higher a pH a substance has, the more alkaline that substance is. The lower a pH a substance is, the more acid-like that substance is. Water usually has a pH of 7, which is considered neutral. Alkaline water, however, has a slightly more alkaline level which is often around a pH of 8. This slightly higher pH level in alkaline water is believed to make the water healthier than the water a person would normally drink. There are several ways in which people are able to create alkaline water including most commonly through the use of a filtration system. Some filtration systems are ionizers that separate drinking water into acidic and alkaline components.


What Are the Health Benefits of Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has some substantial health benefits, which include the following:


1. Removes harmful chemicals - Alkaline Water helps to remove harmful chemicals that can build up in a person's body. On a similar note, alkalized water can also increase the amount of healthy mineral levels in a person's body including magnesium, potassium, and sodium.


2.Strengthens bones - Bones in a person's body can be strengthened by alkalized water.


3. Strengthens immune system - Drinking alkalized water can increase the strength of a person's immune system.


4. Decreases risk of heart disease - Factors that lead to heart disease decrease in severity by drinking alkalized water. 


5. Got acid reflux? - Individuals who experience acid reflux can benefit by drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water decreases the amount of pepsin in a person's body. Pepsin is a chemical in the human body and one of the most common causes of acid reflux.


6. Has antioxidants that oppose aging - Many are not aware that alkalized water even has powerful antioxidant elements that can help combat the aging process. 


7.  Renourishment - People who have body levels that are too acidic (or below a pH of 7) are often able to neutralize their pH by drinking alkalized water.


8. Want to lose weight? - The amount of weight that a person on a diet loses, can be increased by drinking alkalized water.


Now, all of the benefits above sound great! But if you're curious to know what makes our alkaline filters great, keep on reading.


Here, at Express Water, we manufacture premium quality reverse osmosis and water filtration systems. Alkaline systems and filters included. Within our filters are five main components:

  1. Mineral Stones
  2. Alkaline
  3. Calcite
  4. Far Infrared Ceramic, and
  5. Maifan Stones


Mineral Stones for Water Filtration

Mineral Stones

  • Mineral Stones continuously release easily absorbed, ionized minerals into the water, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals.
  • The purpose of these stones is to maintain the alkalinity of your water while adding trace minerals. They mimic the natural effect of the rocks that line fresh mountain streams and generate the same fresh, great tasting water.
  • Mineral water is also a great source of sulfates which help promote digestion. Low sulfate levels can cause poor digestive health or even bloating, constipation or diarrhea.
  • Electrolytes are salts (bicarbonate, chloride, potassium, and sodium) which prevent dehydration by helping cells of the body absorb water. Because mineral water can be a great source of electrolytes, those who experience an electrolyte imbalance are frequently asked to consume mineral water in order to replenish their electrolyte loss.


Alkaline for Water Filtration


  • Helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream, which leads to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. It contains antioxidant properties (anti-aging and antidisease), cleanses the colon, rejuvenates the skin, and lubricates the muscles and joints.
  • Increased dietary alkalinity reduces body fat and fatigue, protects bones, supports the immune system, and achieves better overall health.


Calcite for Water Filtration


  • Calcite is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate media. One of the advantages of Calcite is its self-limiting property. When properly applied, it corrects pH only enough to reach a noncorrosive equilibrium. It does not over correct under normal conditions.
  • Upon contact with calcite, acidic water slowly dissolves the calcium carbonate to raise the pH which reduces potential leaching of copper, lead and other metals found in typical plumbing systems.


Far Infrared for Water Filtration

Far Infrared Ceramic

  • Maifan stones infuse highly beneficial and absorbable calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc into the water, known as the longevity stone, and a health stone.
  • The stone is a natural drug ore, containing potassium, sodium, the major elements of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, selenium, and copper.
  • It plays an important role in the process of human life. Content in the human body or the excess will affect the health and even life threatening. Therefore the body must continually, through a variety of ways, add trace elements to meet the needs of human growth and development in order to maintain normal metabolism. 


Maifan Stone for Water Filtration

Maifan Stone

  • In addition to acting as an anti-aging agent, it strengthens the body's resistance to infectious diseases, increasing the oxygen capacity of blood, and improves stress tolerance.
  • Also, it improves the balance of blood pressure, blood sugar, and increases oxygen and nutrients in your cells resulting in increased muscle strength, vitality, and mental stability.
  • If used for a long time with a filtered water system, not only can it add zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium and over 20 other trace elements to the body, but it also regulates microorganism cycles as well as improve the body's immune capacity.



If you'd like to start drinking alkaline water, we have a selection of systems that can be installed in your home, which you can find HERE

If you have any questions? Comments? Concerns? We'd love to hear from you!

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