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Whole House Filter Set - Anti-Scale

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Simple, fast whole house filter replacement. Each filter is specially designed to work together and compliment each other. Get the cleanest water and the best value in your filtration.
  • Triple filtered water for your entire home with no pressure loss.
  • Save on water! Our filter doesn’t send any water down the drain.
  • Our high flow design can supply up to 0.25 gallons per SECOND.
  • Save your time and your money with high capacity filters.
  • Filter life depends on water quality.
  • 100,000 gallons or 6-12 months of use on average.
  • Fit Express Water Whole House Systems or 20” filter housing.
About The Filters

Protect your home, health, and appliances by filtering all your incoming water.

The Express Water Whole House Polyphosphate Filter Set prevents scale build up and reduces other major impurities from your water supply and provides clean water for drinking, showering, cooking, and other home uses. These filters reduce major water impurities like Chlorine, Iron, Rust, Scale, Dirt, Sand, Sulfur, Chloramine, Silt, Turbidity, Aluminum, Copper, Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC), Hydrogen Sulfate, Organic Pollutants & Toxicants, Cloudiness, and Odors.

Extend the life of your dishwasher, laundry machine, and other appliances, and reduce the energy cost by protecting from scale build up with this anti scale filter replacement. Prevent your plants from building up rust and other damaging sediments. Give healthier water to your pets.

Our Whole House Filters are designed to be easy to use and efficient. A replacement filter set is good for up to 100,000 gallons or 6-12 months. This is based on average water quality. Your anti scale water filter life may be different depending on your water quality, temperature, and incoming pressure. Comes complete with a full whole home filter set, including Sediment, Polyphosphate, and Activated Carbon Block Filter. These large high efficiency filters are designed for almost no reduction in your water pressure.

These heavy duty filters are able to deliver up to 0.25 gallons of water every second. The filters are designed to be used in a dry level area protected from freezing temperatures and direct sunlight. They work with 45-80 psi and water temperatures between 40-100°F.

Have cleaner, more convenient than any pitcher, faucet filter, or shower head systems with these reverse osmosis system replacement filters. Express Water’s Whole House Polyphosphate Water Filter Set is the complete filter solution for your home.


Clean Water For A Safe Home

Our comprehensive 3 stage whole house anti-scale phosphate filter set means no more worrying about your home’s water. With specially engineered high flow filtration you can have crisp clean drinking water from any faucet with no drop in your water pressure. You can shower without harsh chlorine, protect your appliances from build ups of dirt, rust, and chemical impurities, and cook with great tasting pure water all at the same time.

Stage 1

The Sediment filter prevents coarse, damaging impurities like sand, rust, and dirt from damaging your appliances and your other filters. Made with precision packed food-grade polypropylene microfiber, our sediment filters feature 4 distinct layers catching impurities down to 5 microns.

Stage 2

The second stage of your Whole House System is a Polyphosphate Filter. The PHO prevents the formation of scale and corrosion. It also reduces silt, rust, dirt, sediment, existing scale, and sand. Unlike a water softener this focuses on disrupting the formation of scale. It acts as a water conditioner by binding the receptors of calcium in your water supply. This prevents calcium from attaching to other calcium particles in pipes, sinks, showers, and other fixtures. This binding can also help to unseat existing scale in your plumbing. The PHO is made with food-grade slow dissolve Sodium Polyphosphate crystal beads. Our high capacity design gives you maximum chemical absorption.

Stage 3

The Activated Carbon Block filter captures Chlorine, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Pharmaceuticals, Turbidity, and Chemicals causing bad tastes and odors. This stage focuses on taste and drinkability of your water and filtering chemicals.

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Albert A.
United States

Caused confusion

This email caused us confusion and concern. First, we did not visit your store. Second, this email is dated September 3, 2022. We had no memory of ordering anything recently. Clicking on the order detail it states the order was confirmed on August 31 and was deliveredSeptember 6, 3 days after we got this email dated September 3. Having received no package or not remembering placing the order, I got our our file on Express Water and found the order from a year ago. Pls add the year to any correspondence that you send and ask for comments soon after an order and not a year later. No doubt a computer oversight.

Maurice M.

Love this system

Love this system but do not like the ring around the sediment filter, think they could solve that with a better top and bottom on filter?

santosh j.

Good product, but

The product itself is fine. But this isn't the first time that these delivery guys delivered my pacakge to my neighbor. It's getting really annoying at this point. Has nothing to do with the seller but I have to mention it.



Perfect for removing scale. It's done wonders for our water.

Olga D.


Our water is not too dirty, and we don't use much, so I could see these filters lasting us a year. Most will have to get it replaced in about half that time though