Water Filter FAQs

Reverse Osmosis Process

Reverse Osmosis: What is Reverse Osmosis and how does it work?

Pitchers and Faucet Mounted Filters: How are they different from Reverse Osmosis?

CTA and TFM membranes: What is the difference?

Wastewater: Do RO Systems send water down the drain?

Filter Changes: Is it necessary to change the filters every six months?


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): What are they?

Contaminants: What contaminants are reduced by Reverse Osmosis?

Contaminate comparison chart: Reverse Osmosis vs Pitchers and Faucet Mounted Filters.

Parasites, Bacteria, Cysts, and Cryptosporidium: Does Reverse Osmosis remove them?

Impurities that are filtered out: What happens to them?

My Water

Wastewater: Can wastewater be saved and used?

Water Pressure: How important is water pressure to an RO System?

Iron: Will iron hurt an RO System?

Water Differences and Dissolved Solids: How is RO Water different from tap water? How will I know the RO System is removing Dissolved Solids from my tap water?

Water Softeners: Does a water softener treat my drinking water?

Water Softeners: Will a water softener harm a Reverse Osmosis System?

Water Softeners: Will an RO System soften water?

Ordering and Website

Shipping: When will I get my package?

Returns: How do returns work?

Canceling an Order: How do I cancel an order?

About the RO System

My Home: How do I know this system will work in my home?

Water Softeners: How do water softeners work with the RO System?

Copper Tubing: Why not use copper tubing with an RO System?

Other Filters: Can I use other filters in an Express Water RO System?

Install Locations: Can I install this system in the basement? Can I install somewhere other than under my sink?

Filter Upgrades: Can I add additional filters to my current system?

Discharge Water: Can I reuse discharge water?

Bubbles: Why are there bubbles in the water?

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