Reverse Osmosis System Special

Reverse Osmosis System Special

Reverse Osmosis System Special

$209.99 saving $20.00

The Cleanest
Water on Earth

Up to 99% Removal Rate
of Over 108 Contaminants


Simple to set up,
Simple to use

Easy Quick Install Design
Drop-&-Go Filter Change

Be Confident

1 Year Warranty
Lifetime Support
Certified to NSF/ANSI 58
Performance Tested
Technical Specifications

Faucet Flow Rate: 0.8 Gallons per Minute

Production Rate: 50-100 Gallons per Day

Pressure Range: 40-80 PSI

Temperature Range:

Water Tank Size: 3.2 Gallon Water Capacity

Water Discharge: 1-3 Gallons per Gallon Produced

Weight: 38 lbs

Dimensions: 16.2 x 18.8 x 18.1

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty


Parts List
All Parts are BPA and LEAD FREE

Extra Filter Set
Bonus Replacements:PAC, SED, ABC, GAC

Water Storage Tank
NSF Certified 4 Gallon Water Storage Tank

RO Faucet
Non-air gap fast flow designer faucet

Leak Stopper
Shuts off water flow if a leak is detected

Drain Saddle
Connects to drain pipes up to 1.5”

Quick Connect Tubing
Five colors of high pressure food grade tubing

Feed Valve
Allows system to connect to ½” and ⅜” water lines

Housing Wrenches
Tightens and loosens filter housings for easy filter changes

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