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    With a 5-micron nominal micron rating, the Whole House Carbon Block Filter effectively removes chlorine, organic chemicals, bad taste and odors at a high rate of 4.0 gallons per minute. Its coconut shell activated carbon block construction ensures efficient VOC, TOC, and turbidity reduction, with a tested and verified high chemical absorptive capacity. This filter has been extensively tested by an independent laboratory and has a dimension of 2.5 inches in outer diameter and 20 inches in length.
  • 5-Micron Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Block CTO
  • Removes Chlorine, organic chemicals, bad taste and odors
  • 4.0 Gallons Per Minute & 5 µm Nominal Micron Rating
  • High Chemical Absorptive Capacity & Efficient VOC, TOC, and Turbidity Reduction
  • Performance Tested and Verified by independent Laboratory Testing. Dimensions: (2.5”-Inch O.D. × 20”-Inch L)