Reverse Osmosis Countertop

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Simple set up

Get your RO running in minutes!

Fits most standard faucet types

Easy 4 Point Install

Easy Quick Install Design
Switch between sink and RO flow

Fast Easy Maintenance

Simple Inline Filter Stages
Quick Connect Filter Change

Be Confident

With Quality Like This,
There's No Need to Worry

1 Year Warranty
Independently Certified
Lifetime Support
Performance Tested
Technical Specifications

Faucet Flow Rate: 3-4 Gallons per Hour

Production Rate: 100 Gallons per Day

Pressure Range: 40-80 PSI

Temperature Range: 40-85°F

Water Discharge: 1-4 Gallons per Gallon Produced

Weight: 7.75 lbs

Dimensions: 8.875" x 14 x 6.5

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

Parts List

All Parts are BPA and LEAD FREE.

RO Faucet

Non-air gap fast flow designer faucet

Faucet Adapters

13/16" male thread faucet 13/16" female thread faucet 15/16" female thread faucet

Quick Connect Tubing

3 feet of high pressure food grade tubing

Diverter Valve

Quickly switch between your sink flow and system flow