Advantages of Countertop Water Filters

When it comes to water filtration systems there are many brands, types, and sizes. With all of these options, things can get confusing! Today we’re going to highlight countertop water filters and all of the benefits they boast at a bargain price.

Tips for Treating Well Water

So you’ve relocated to the countryside and discovered that you don’t have a monthly water bill. That’s not because the water is free — it’s because you now have private well water. How do you treat well water and remove any harmful bacteria or chemicals before drinking it?

Tips to Recycle Water Around your House

Luckily there are multiple ways that you and your family can reuse water in your home and make your water go further with creative wastewater management. Using less water will cut down on your monthly bill and help you adapt to drought conditions that are becoming more common in certain regions of the United States. Here are our favorite ways to recycle water around the house.