How Does a Whole House Water Filter Work?

You probably know that the technologies inside water filters for homes enable you to drink simply pure filtered water. Processes like scale reduction and filters like the Granulated Activated Carbon filters in our whole house water filtration system reduce dozens of contaminants by rates up to and exceeding 99%. But how do these filters work, exactly?

How to Remove Chlorine From Drinking Water

Chlorine is a chemical element that is most commonly used as a powerful and inexpensive disinfectant. As a child, you likely first became aware of chlorine when you went swimming in a pool and experienced the signature smell and sting firsthand.

Tips for Installing a Reverse Osmosis Water System Yourself

A reverse osmosis home water filtration system delivers fresh, clean drinking water straight from your tap without any fuss. However, paying a professional plumber to install your system can be costly, creating an additional burden as you invest in top-notch water quality for your home.

The good news: you can install your new reverse osmosis home water system yourself. We have designed our RO systems with color-coded connections and pre-assembled parts for perhaps the easiest home installation on the market.