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Pure, healthy water from your faucet - remove up to 99.99% of contaminants with an RO System!

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Protect your home, health & appliances and filter your water with a Whole House System.

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RO System with modern chrome faucet
5713 reviews
Reverse Osmosis
RO System
Alkaline RO System with modern chrome faucet
2001 reviews
Reverse Osmosis
Alkaline RO System
Ultraviolet RO System with modern chrome faucet
214 reviews
Reverse Osmosis
Ultraviolet RO System
Alkaline & Ultraviolet RO System with modern chrome faucet
1628 reviews
Reverse Osmosis
Alkaline & Ultraviolet RO System
Deionization RO System with modern chrome faucet
181 reviews
Reverse Osmosis
Deionization RO System
Elite RO
19 reviews
Reverse Osmosis
Elite RO
Countertop RO
5714 reviews
Reverse Osmosis
Countertop RO
$149.99 $112.49

The Cleanest Water on Earth

Up To 99.99% Reduction

The foundation of our Reverse Osmosis Systems, the Express Water RO5DX and RO10DX Systems are NSF Certified. Our RO Systems also reduce up to 99.99% of 158 impurities and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

Which System Is Right For You?

Take our easy quiz and let Express Water help you find your perfect water filtration system!

Express Water - Reverse Osmosis - Under-Sink Water Filtration - RO System

RO System

Our original, best-selling RO System - a 5-stage water filtration system removing up to 99.99% of impurities.

Express Water - Reverse Osmosis - Under-Sink Water Filtration - ALK System - Alkaline Mineralization

ALK System

Our best-selling RO System combined with an Alkaline mineralizer, infusing the purified water with minerals.

Express Water - Reverse Osmosis - Under-Sink Water Filtration - UV System - Ultraviolet Filtration

UV System

A UV filter combined with our RO System provides added sterilization against bacteria & other living organic materials.

Express Water - Reverse Osmosis - Under-Sink Water Filtration - ALK & UV System - Alkaline Mineralization and Ultraviolet Filtration

ALK & UV System

The complete solution - RO filtration, Alkaline mineralization and Ultraviolet filtration in one!

Express Water - Reverse Osmosis - Under-Sink Water Filtration - ION System - Deionization Filtration

ION System

The purest water, with the lowest Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - a Deionization filter is added to our RO System.

Express Water - Whole House System - Sediment and Carbon Filtration

Whole House

Clean water for the whole house, including for your shower & bath, and also your appliances.

Express Water - Whole House System - Heavy Metal Filtration - Kinetic Degradation Fluxion KDF Filter

Whole House - Heavy Metals

Filter dangerous Heavy Metals from your home's water with this Whole House system, such as lead, iron and more!

Express Water - Whole House System - Anti-Scale Filtration - Phosphate PHO Filter

Whole House - Anti-Scale

The Anti-Scale Whole House system helps prevent the formation of scale and corrosion.

Express Water - Whole House System - Ultimate Protection - Heavy Metals Kinetic Degradation Fluxion KDF & Anti-Scale Phosphate PHO Filtration

Whole House - Ultimate

The best just got better! Get the most out of your Whole House with Anti-Scale & Heavy Metal filtration combined into one!

Express Water and charity: water share a common goal - we both want everyone to have access to clean, safe water.

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Express Water - A charity: water supporter
I Love It

I love this system! Not only is it healthy for me but helps the eco system by not having to purchase water bottles! I have already told all my friends and family to make the switch!

— Kayla J.
Wow, How Times Have Changed!

As someone who used to work in the R&D section of an RO system manafacturer (this was years ago), I'm so happy to see the leaps and innovations made in this field. Back then, you called a plumber to install the system. And if you were a plumber yourself, you'd still call another because the process was so unintuitive and slow. Now it's so simple! Installation was so easy. I just hooked it up under the sink, did a few pre-use washes, and I was done. And, more importantly, the water coming out the other end is pristine. These new guys are putting me to shame!

— Mollie W.
Under Sink Water Filtration System

We are a family of four, this is all we use when we need to use water for consumption. Our water without the system always smells of chemicals (chlorine) and we just can't stomache drinking it.. We don't like using the water in rooms other than the kitchen to brush our teeth or even take a shower as the smell and taste of the water without the system can be unbearable. We recently have purchased a shower head filtration system to help in the bathroom while taking showers. We feel confident that the water is clean and free of chemicals with this system. We have only had to tighten one of the filter casings once as it started to leak over time. We have had it about 6 months now and may have to change some of the filters , but the water flow is still substantial and it continues to work as intended.

— Thomas O.
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