Express Water


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  • Upgrade your plain water to delicious bubbly water in seconds.
  • Reusable PET Carbonation bottle is 100% food-grade BPA Free.
  • Simply fill bottle to marked water-line, screw bottle to soda machine, press fizz button
  • The Sparkle is also designed aesthetically to fit-in as an appliance on your countertop!
  • It's highly recommended to use RO water to make sparkling water.
  • Dimension: 10"L x 5"W x 17"H
About The System

The APEC Sparkle Carbonator is the perfect addition to the home for those who enjoy refreshing bubbly beverages on-demand! Convenient, affordable, and enviromentally friendly, you can now get a steady soda stream from your kitchen with fizz to perfection. Simply press the button at the top of the soda machine to carbonate until the sound of pressure release at the top is heard, then add your favorite flavors! Engineered to deliver the perfect bite of carbonation to your beverage. Crafted with quality in mind, the Sparkle soda maker is built to last, and the 0.8L bottle is PET food grade. Changing out CO2 canisters is easily changed in just a few seconds by screwing in/out from the base of stand. Includes durable metal spill tray.

Unboxing and Making Lemonade Soda from Our Customer