Do RO Systems send water down the drain?

Some of the water that goes into an RO System does go to the drain. This drained water is carrying away filtered contaminants. The drained particles are too small to be caught by filters. They can only be safely disposed of by being flushed down the drain. The system only uses as much water as needed to dispose of impurities. The exact amount of water used changes with the quality of the water going into the system.

What is the discharge rate?

The typical discharge range is three gallons for every one gallon produced.

What is the ratio of wastewater to pure water produced by an Express Water RO System?

Your water pressure, incoming water quality, and water temperature will affect your RO System’s discharge rate.

Can wastewater be saved and used?

Yes. Even if your wastewater goes down the drain most is recycled for golf courses and artificial lakes. The drain water is higher in TDS concentration than tap water, but it can be used to water your lawn or garden. Never consume your wastewater.