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We Cover

This warranty covers any defects in the parts or manufacturing of all Express Water products. We will give you new replacement parts in exchange for any defective parts. This doesn’t apply to consumable items like filters or membranes.

What to Do

Give us a call at 1-800-992-8876 or send an email to and describe the problem to our support. Be sure to have a copy of your purchase confirmation email or receipt. Our support will verify that the product and problem are under warranty and help you arrange to send your defective part back to Express Water with your receipt and contact information (name, address, phone number, email address). Support will help arrange sending of the defective item/part, the delivery of your replacement part, as well as guiding you through the installation.

Time Covered

This warranty is effective for 1 full year from the date of original purchase.  

Not Covered

This warranty does not cover labor for removal or installation, accumulation of dirt or grime (you are responsible for your own cleaning), systems with the serial number removed or altered, damage from improper storage (high or low temperature, sun damage, etc), damage from a system not installed as instructions directed, anyone other than original purchaser, damage from system abuse or unintended operation of system, acts of God, improper water source, modification, negligence, commercial use of the system, Filters, RO Membrane, incidental damages from system failure, systems used with parts not provided by Express Water (including tanks, filters, faucets, pumps, diverter valves), or cosmetic damages.

Your State

Some states has further regulation on damages and warranty coverage. You may have other rights depending on your state.


For warranty questions, service, or help give us a call at:

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