Filter Upgrades: Can I add additional filters to my current system?

Each system is fully upgradeable. Alkaline Filters help add minerals and extra oxygen to your water. Deionization Filters help remove even trace minerals making water fit for aquariums, humidifiers, and other machines. Ultraviolet Sterilizers help eliminate microbial life from water where this is a concern.
Check the Upgrades and Accessories section at for more information.

Refrigerator and Ice Makers: Can I connect this system to a refrigerator or icemaker?

The RO System can be connected to a refrigerator or icemaker. But you may need an Express Water Refrigerator Kit to do so. In some cases, your situation may require a separate tank or Delivery Pump depending on how far away your refrigerator is from the unit. Contact Express Water and we’ll help you find your solution.

System Upgrades: Can I change my 50 GPD (Gallons Per Day) system to 100 GDP? If so, how?

To upgrade your system from 50 GDP to 100 GDP you will need different parts (such as the RO Membrane and Flow Restrictor). Contact Express Water and we will help you arrange your upgrade.
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