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Mounting Locations: Does the RO System have to be under the kitchen sink?

No, the RO System can be mounted in a cabinet to either side of the kitchen sink or even mounted remotely in a garage or basement.

Dimensions: What are the dimensions of an Express Water RO System?

The module part of the RO system measures: Height: 15.75" Width: 16.25" Depth: 5.25". The storage tank measures: Diameter: 11" Height: 16”.

Line Length Maximum: How far can a line run from the RO System?

Your line can run approximately 20-25 feet with ¼" Poly Tubing. For runs longer use 3/8" Poly Tubing, and a ⅜” to ¼” adapter. Never use copper tubing with an RO System, even when running to an ice maker.

Copper Tubing: Why not use copper tubing with an RO System?

Water from an RO system has almost no contaminants. So, it is known as "hungry water." Hungry water can leach the minerals out of the copper tubing and may cause a metallic taste in water or ice cubes over time. The copper tubing can develop pinhole leaks as well.

Install Locations: Can I install this system in the basement? Can I install somewhere other than under my sink?

The RO System can be installed in other locations like a basement. But, the further away from the faucet the system is installed the more water pressure the system needs. You may need to purchase a Delivery Pump for a far away install location. Contact Express Water and we’ll help you find your solution.

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