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• Water Pressure Booster System: Get the most out of your water filtration system with the Express Water Adjustable Water Booster Pump, maximizing the water pressure efficiency of your filter water.

• Efficient Water Pressure: Express Water’s Adjustable Water Booster Pump increases the speed of water production, making water filtration more efficient while improving the filtration of contaminants.

• Built-In Water Pressure Gauge: Take the guess-work out of your water pressure – all water booster systems come with a built in water pressure gauge to ensure your water system is achieving an optimal 80 psi.

• Versatile Water Pressure Boosting System: Express Water’s water pressure booster is compatible with any reverse osmosis system with capacity between 50 and 100 GPD.

• Adjustable Water Pressure Booster: Reverse osmosis systems are not achieving optimal filtration unless the system is fully pressurized to 80 psi. This water pressure booster system is fully adjustable, making it quick and easy to achieve optimal pressure.

• On Demand Support: Support from top-rated customer service team who can answer any of your questions about your Express Water adjustable water pressure booster system.

• Water Booster Pump: Get the most out of your reverse osmosis system by ensuring optimal water pressure. Choose the adjustable water pressure booster that does it all with the Express Water Adjustable Water Booster Pump.

• Technical Specs: The Adjustable Water Pressure Booster Pump compact in size, measuring at 7.5” x 11.5” x 6” Comes with a 110v AC input power cable. Maximum flow of 0.48 GPM.

• Warranty: All Express Water adjustable Water Booster Pumps come with a one-year warranty and free lifetime customer support.

Boosting your pressure up to 80 psi means more efficient filtration which increases the lifespan of your filters, catches more contaminants, saves more water, and produces water faster.

This pump is fully self priming up to 6 ½ feet and comes preinstalled with a pressure gauge for easy setup. The system is powerful enough to bring most systems over 80 psi, but this can be harmful for your system, so you will need to use the pressure gauge reading to adjust your pressure to the ideal 80 psi mark. The system senses full feedback from your RO and will automatically shut-off when your water tank is full.

The system includes 10ft of ¼” quick connect tubing and a T-fitting to connect to your water tank. The system is complete with a one year warranty and free lifetime customer support. Pressurize your water and get the most out of your filtration. Choose the water pressure booster pump that does it all: The Express Water Adjustable Booster Pump is the best in water purification.


Size: 7.5” x 11.5” x 6”
Connection: 1/4” Quick Connect
Input: 110 AC
Power: 29 v, 1.2 amp
Output Capacity: 50-100 GPD
Temperature: 40-100°F
Max Flow: .48 GPM
Components: ¼” Quick Connect T Fitting, 10ft of ¼” Quick Connect Tubing.

Note: This pump is made for use with Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System