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Start making better tasting food, ice, coffee, and drinks. You will notice a huge difference in the taste of your water and food. Make crystal clear ice without the impure clouds of unfiltered ice.

Extend the life of your water using appliances and keep impurities out of them. Deionization stops water impurities from building up overtime. With tap water you may need to replace appliances early or various living impurities can start growing inside them.

When creating habitats for aquatic life it’s important to start with the purest water possible. Whether you’re adding salts for reef tanks or specific trace minerals for freshwater fish, you need to be sure you’re creating the ideal environment, free of chlorine, iron, Total Dissolved Solids, lead and more.

Reduce up to 99.99% of over 158 impurities in tap water, including Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Radium, Various Living Impurities, Arsenic, Cadmium, Pharmaceuticals, Chromium, Heavy Metals, Rust, Sand, Dirt, Dust, Cyanide, and more. Deionization creates some of the purest water possible.

Deionization dramatically increases reduction of the hardest to catch impurities through ion exchange. It attracts the cation and anions of impurities, leaving you with pure water.

About The Filter

Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement: Experience what water should taste like with the Express Water reverse osmosis water filtration system reducing up to 99.99% impurities.

RO Water Filter Replacement: Each Express Water replacement filter is specially designed to work together and compliment each other. Get the cleanest water and the best value in your reverse osmosis water filter.

Deionization Water Filter: Made with ion exchange resin beads, Express Water deionization filters reduce the most difficult of impurities from your water, giving it the purity great for cooking, cleaning, watering plants, aquariums and more.

Replacement Water Filter: Express Water filters are made with the highest quality materials for long-lasting filtration and value.

On Demand Support: Support from experts who can answer any of your questions about your replacement water filters


Express Water

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