Express Water


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• The Highest Quality - Heavy duty, durable, reuseable, water pressure test gauge
• Universal Standard Size - Fits standard ¼” quick connect outlets
• Simply Pure - Keep your water clean, odorless, and tasteless by using a 100% food grade pressure gauge
• For Any Application - Use with Reverse Osmosis Systems, ATO, Coffee Machine, Water Cooler, RV, Water FIltration System, Ice Maker, Chiller, Refrigerator Kit, Purifiers, and More

Your water pressure matters. Filtration systems have an optimal PSI range for operation, and anything above that range threatens to damage the system itself or compromise efficiency. Keep your pressure at the appropriate level and protect from sudden pressure spikes with the simple addition of a food-grade PSI gauge. Designed for use with the purest RO Water Filtration Systems this gauge is lead free and BPA free.