Express Water


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• Simply Pure - Keep your water clean, odorless, and tasteless with 100% food grade BPA free nitrile rubber O-Rings
• The Highest Quality - Heavy duty, durable, reuseable, leak free sealed connections
• Universal Standard Size - Fits the standard 20” filter housing
• Made to Last - Made from temperature resistant food grade nitrile rubber
• The Reliable Choice - Works with hot and cold water! For use with temperatures from 33°F to 140°F

Get set up faster and easier with your Whole House Filter Housing O-Ring Set. The 5.5 inch outer diameter O-Rings are compatible with standard Whole House Filtration System 20 inch filter housings. With simple, durable, easy flex design you can expect an easy leak free setup.

The O-Ring is made of 100% food grade nitrile rubber. The BPA free construction ensures that your O-Ring keeps your water completely pure and doesn’t add any offensive tastes or odors as it travels through your housing. It is designed to be durable, reuseable, and leak free. The O-Ring works with hot and cold water deliveries between 33°F and 140°F.

The package includes three O-Rings. The O-Rings are fully compatible with whole house 20” filter housings.

Get the most out of your filtration. Choose the best O-Rings for your system: The Express Water Whole House 5.5 Inch O-Ring 3 Pack PRTORINGWH3 is the best in water purification.