3 Stage Anti Scale Home Water Filtration System – Sediment, Phosphate, Carbon Filters – includes Pressure Gauges

3 Stage Anti Scale Home Water Filtration System – Sediment, Phosphate, Carbon Filters – includes Pressure Gauges

3 Stage Anti Scale Home Water Filtration System – Sediment, Phosphate, Carbon Filters – includes Pressure Gauges

• Take the Contaminants Out of Your Home - Drink from any faucet without fear when we remove Scale, Chlorine, Rust, Pesticides, Dirt, Sand, Insecticides, Silt, Turbidity, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC), Herbicides, Cloudiness, and Odors
    • Exactly what you need - Get clean water from any faucet. All our filters are specially engineered to work together, producing the safest water for home use
      • Clearly Easy - A clear first stage housing lets you easily monitor your system and see when you need to replace your filters
        • Don’t Waste Time on Maintenance - Our quick and easy to understand design means you can swap out filters quick and easy
          • Quality Guaranteed - Rest easy with our 1 year warranty on all Express Water Systems and free lifetime support
            Protect your home, health, and appliances by filtering all of your incoming water. The Express Water Whole House 3 Stage Anti Scale Water Filter removes major contaminants from your water supply and provides clean water for drinking, showering, cooking, and other home uses. This system removes major water contaminants like Chlorine, Scale, Rust, Pesticides, Dirt, Sand, Insecticides, Silt, Turbidity, Herbicides, Cloudiness, Industrial Solvents, Pharmaceuticals, Turbidity, Odors, and Cloudiness.

            Water treatment that prevents your plants from building up rust and other damaging sediments. Give healthier water to your pets. Extend the life of your dishwasher, laundry machine, and other appliances, and reduce the energy cost.

            Our Whole House System is designed to be easy to use and efficient. A filter set is good for up to 100,000 gallons or 6-12 months, depending on incoming water quality. Your filter life may be different depending on your water quality, temperature, and incoming pressure. Comes complete with a full filter set, including Sediment, Granular Activated Carbon, and Activated Carbon Block Filter. The large 1” connections and long high efficiency housings are designed for almost no reduction in your home’s water pressure.

            This is a durable, heavy-duty whole house system able to deliver up to 0.25 gallons of water every second. The system comes fitted to a stainless steel freestanding frame which allows for installation on the ground or a mounted installation. This system is designed to be used in a dry level area protected from freezing temperatures and direct sunlight. The system works with 45-80 psi and water temperatures between 40-100℉. The system includes pressure release buttons for each filter and pressure gauges for system monitoring.

            Have cleaner more convenient than any pitcher, faucet filter, or shower head systems. Express Water’s 3-Stage Anti-Scale Whole House Water Filtration System WH300SCPS is the complete solution for your home.
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            Live Better

            Eliminate Harmful Contaminants from Your Home’s Water
            3 Stages of Filtration removes over 65 contaminants


            Protect Your Home

            Clean Water Ready to Go

            Prevent the formation of Scale and Corrosion - Shower without harsh chlorine - Protect your Appliances from Damage

            Simple to set up,
            Simple to use

            Easy Monitoring
            Drop-&-Go Filter Change
            Convenient Pressure Release

            A System You Can Rely On

            Stainless Steel Frame
            Industrial bonded high capacity connectors
            High Impact food grade ABS and PCE plastic housings

            Up to 0.25 gallons per SECOND - Clear First Stage for Easy Monitoring

            Be Confident

            With Quality Like This,
            There's No Need to Worry

            1 Year Warranty
            Independently Certified
            Lifetime Support
            Performance Tested

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