May 05, 2019

When Should You Change Water Filters?

By: Express Water

When Should You Change Water Filters?

When Should You Change Water Filters

Our water filter systems are pre-assembled and easy-to-install. All you need to do to keep your water at top quality for years is to regularly replace the water filters in your specific system.

Why Do I Need to Change My Water Filters?

In order for your water filtration system to function correctly, the water filters must remain relatively clean and free of debris. To keep contaminants and impurities out of your drinking water these substances are trapped within the water filters as the water makes its way through the water filter system.

Over time debris, sediment, heavy metals, and chemicals will accumulate in water filters. As the water filters clog it becomes more difficult for water to pass through the system. Replacing your water filter at the right time will keep your water filter systems operating correctly.

How Will I Know When to Replace My Water Filters?

Unless otherwise stated on the user manual, our water filters are generally good for about 6 months. The amount of time and water depends on the quality, temperature, and pressure of your water supply. Every home and situation is unique, so you may need to replace your water filters before or after the 6-month mark.

Luckily there is another way of monitoring when you should replace your water filters: just check the water pressure in your home. If the water pressure in your home or as indicated on the pressure gauges of your filter system has dropped 10-12 PSI it’s likely time for a water filter replacement.

How Do I Replace My Water Filters?

Express Water is a popular choice for home water filtration because we design our systems with your convenience in mind. Replacing your water filters is straightforward and will only take a few minutes of your time.

All of our water filter systems come with detailed user manuals you can access at any time online. These manuals include detailed instructions for replacing your water filters for your specific filter system. For reference, the filter change instructions are on page 10 of the 3-Stage Whole House System user manual. The filter change instructions are on page 25 of the Reverse Osmosis System user manual. Access all of our user manuals to answer any maintenance or installation questions.

How Do I Remember to Replace My Water Filters?

This can be tricky. We know life moves fast, and with other responsibilities, you can forget to replace your water filter regularly. Follow this advice to make it easier:

  • Order water filters in bulk. Keeping multiple water filter replacements on hand will allow you to quickly replace any filter that you realize a replacement is needed. If you also have to order the filter before you can replace it you will have to wait for days knowing your filter is not operating at its best.
  • Set multiple reminders. Write it in marker on your calendar, set a reminder in your phone, and schedule an alert to your email. When you have more than one reminder it is more likely you will stick to the right timeline.
  • Schedule other maintenance at the same time. Do you have anything else around the home you need to do every few months? Schedule everything on the same day. Replace your water filters, replace the filter in your air conditioner, paint your exterior. Make a day out of routine maintenance so you remember important to-do’s.

 Where Do I Get Replacement Water Filters?

You can order all of the filter sets for your filter system directly on our website. Browse all of the filter replacement options for our reverse osmosis systems, whole house systems, and countertop system.

Still have questions about your water filters? Talk to a member of our customer service team about anything you need to know.

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