April 07, 2019

5 Surprising Facts About Bottled Water

By: Express Water

5 Surprising Facts About Bottled Water

5 Surprising Facts About Bottled Water

You may know one of the most common bottled water facts: plastic pollution from bottled water is causing a huge environmental problem for the planet.

But did you know the water in plastic water bottles may not even be safe to drink?

Or that choosing to buy bottled water instead of refilling a reusable bottle at home could be costing your family thousands of dollars?

From your reverse osmosis systems provider, Express Water, we’re bringing you the five most surprising facts about water bottles.

1/4 of Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water

After a four year review, the Natural Resources Defense Council found that nearly 25 percent of bottled water is simply tap water. While bottled water brands may advertise their water as pure clean water straight from a babbling brook, this is often not the case.

Of the 25 percent of bottled water, that is tap water, it is impossible to say how much of it is treated after being taken from the tap. When you buy bottled water in the store you may just be buying the water from your sink.

1/3 of Bottled Water Violates Water Quality Standards

In an extensive report, the NRDC tested a large sample of bottled water to test for contaminants and chemicals. The organization discovered that 33% of bottled water either violates enforceable state contaminant limits or general EPA water quality guidelines.

Buying bottled water from the store doesn’t necessarily protect you from hazardous water contaminants like arsenic, coliform bacteria, fluoride, and trihalomethane (THMs).

Bottled Water Is a Thousand Times More Expensive Than Tap Water

We may understand that we pay too much for bottled water, but with the math in front of us, the difference is shocking. Tap water costs about 0.004 cents per gallon, while bottled water costs about $1.22 per gallon as of 2013. That’s more than 300 times the cost of tap water!

If you account for the fact that most people buy single-serving bottled water the expense gets even worse. If you pay just $1 for a bottle of water you are paying more than 2,000 times what you would for the same amount of water from your tap. It’s truly unbelievable!

One Million Water Bottles Are Purchased Every Minute

The global consumption of plastic water bottles is hard to wrap your head around. Over one million single-use bottles are purchased every minute, meaning yearly use of water bottles tops half a trillion.

91% of Plastic Water Bottles Are Not Recycled

National Geographic found that 91% of all plastic goods end up in landfills and in the environment. This means that most of the half-a-trillion plastic water bottles are dumped all over the world instead of recycled. Few people realize how many water bottles simply end up decomposing in dumps (which takes at least 450 years, by the way).

What to Do: Switch to Refillable Bottles Using Filtered Water

 This simple solution keeps your water pure and free of common contaminants while saving you money and helping the environment. Our RO systems will remove 99% of chemicals and contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, and lead from your tap water, and  is simple enough for anyone to install.

This effective solution is easy to maintain and provides clear, safe water to your tap so you can fill up a reusable stainless steel bottle. What are you going to do with the thousands you save? Talk to our customer service team today to decide what water filter system is best for your home.

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