April 25, 2019

How Does a Whole House Water Filter Work?

By: Express Water

How Does a Whole House Water Filter Work?

How Does a Whole House Water Filter Work

You probably know that the technologies inside water filters for homes enable you to drink simply pure filtered water. Processes like scale reduction and filters like the Granulated Activated Carbon filters in our whole house water filtration system reduce dozens of contaminants by rates up to and exceeding 99%. But how do these filters work, exactly?

How Sediment Filters Work

The first step in a whole house water filtration system is to rid your water of the larger impurities, like sand or sediment. These filters are more porous than those that come later in the process, but the impurities trapped in the sediment filter are still microscopic. This filter will trap any contaminant that is five microns in size or larger.

It’s important that a sediment filter, or “pre-filter,” is the first step in a whole house water filtering system. Removing the larger impurities first makes sure that clogging doesn’t happen later in the process, extending the lifespan of all of your water filters.

How Activated Carbon Filters Work 

Carbon filters are among the most common in water filtration technology. These filters use activated carbon granules, which are similar to charcoal. These granules are very porous and have an enormous surface area packed with small spaces and crevasses.

As water passes through the activated carbon granules, impurities are trapped in these small spaces through a process called absorption. Chemical contaminants trapped in this stage include chlorine, pesticides, solvents and heavy metals (depending on the specific type of activated carbon).

Once the carbon media becomes full of contaminants and impurities it is time to switch out your water filters. Find out when you should change your water filters on your whole house water filtration system so you can always expect fresh, filtered water free of worrisome contaminants.

Differences Between Water Filter Systems

Water filters can be specialized to target specific contaminants you want to be removed from your water. While most of our water filter systems work in a similar way, we offer different types of whole house water filters for each situation.

Our Anti Scale 3 Stage Whole House System contains a polyphosphate filter to prevent scaling on your fixtures and appliances. Polyphosphate filters chemically isolate the calcium and magnesium minerals that cause corrosion and limescale. The hardness minerals are still present in the water, but their harmful effects on your plumbing and appliances are neutralized.

Our Heavy Metals 3 Stage Whole House System contains a KDF filter (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) that uses the chemical processes of oxidation and reduction to remove lead, iron, mercury, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide from the drinking water in your home. If you are concerned about the health effects of lead and other heavy metals this additional filter will put you at ease.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filters

The multiple filters in a whole house water filtering system provide many benefits for your family. The filters described above protect your family from bacteria and viruses, reduce scale, and remove harsh chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. Installing a whole house system is a stress-free process that delivers clean, irritant-free water to every shower and sink in your home.

Talk to a member of our customer service team today to determine what whole house system represents the most comprehensive solution to your unique water quality problems.

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