April 09, 2019

Benefits of Whole House Filter Systems

By: Express Water

Benefits of Whole House Filter Systems

Benefits of Whole House Filter Systems

While the point of use (POU) water filter systems purify water at specific taps in your home, a point of entry (POE) system (also called whole house filter systems) filters water as it enters your home. So, your shower, sinks, garden hose, and laundry will use treated water. When considering what kind of water filtration system works best for your home think about these notable benefits of whole house filter systems:

Whole House Systems Remove Harsh Chemicals

The municipal water pumping into your home has likely been treated with chlorine and/or chloramines. These harsh chemicals rid water of certain bacteria, but chlorine and chloramines can damage your lungs and is linked to an elevated risk of developing rectal, bladder, and breast cancers. Your water also could potentially be fluoridated, and overexposure to fluoride can cause digestive issues.

Installing a whole house system will effectively reduce these chemical problems at rates above 99%. Ensure you are drinking and bathing in pure, safe water that won’t taste unpleasant or irritate your skin.

Whole House Systems Reduce Scale

Hard water is one of the most persistent water problems for homes around the country. When high levels of minerals are present in your tap water it can damage your pipes, wear out your appliances like your dishwasher and hot water heater, cause scaling on your fixtures, and leave water spots on your dishes.

Reduce scale and remedy the problems of hard water with a whole house water system focused on anti-scaling by filtering many of these minerals from your water. The difference will improve the lifespan of your appliances and your plumbing, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Whole House Systems Protect You From Bacteria and Viruses

Private well owners do not have their water treated with chlorine or chloramines. Subsequently, homes using well water have a higher risk of bacteria or virus contamination. A whole house system can utilize UV technology to neutralize common well water problems ranging from coliform bacteria and E. coli to arsenic and hydrogen sulfide.

Whole House Systems Are the Most Convenient Option for Homeowners

If you own a medium or large-sized home a whole house system will reduce contaminants, eliminate minerals to stop scale build up, and provide cleaner better-smelling water for every room in your home.

Choosing a point of use or systems means you could end up with multiple shower filters and drinking water filters scattered throughout your home. Assembling a whole house system from Express Water is a relatively simple process to follow with a step by step guide. Once you complete your DIY whole house water filter installation you only need to replace filters about every 6 months. 

Order a Whole House Water System Today

When you choose a whole house water filter from Express Water you are choosing the option with the most convenient and straightforward installation for a stress-free experience. Talk to a member of our customer service team today to find the right whole house water filter system for your needs, and enjoy a comprehensive solution to your water quality problems that provides simply pure water without any hassle.

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